NUFORM Level-II provides a higher order system for manufacturing all types of complex parts requiring continuous multi-axis motion, 3 through 6 (or more). The following is a small sample of some of the parts which are daily manufactured by users of NUFORM Level-II through-out the world:

C5A Antenna

The antenna for the C5A was the first example of truly integrated CAE/CAD/CAM. The antenna was designed on the computer, with complete analysis and simulation of its performance. The mold was then automatically designed and part programs created. The project was delivered to the Air Force in 1969.

Jet Engine Fan Blade Forging (1968)

A precision forging was machined in 1968 to produce fan blades for jet aircraft engines. Each side of the die (male and female) consisted of over 70 surfaces which had to be blended together.

Tire Mold Master

Completed tire mold master programmed using NUFORM Level-I and Level-II.

Bliscs and Impellers