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February 7 -9, 2017 Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

The ASTRRA oneTouch changeover system represents a significant improvement over traditional methods of machine changeovers and conveyor rail adjustment mechanisms. Designed for ease of installation, simple retrofit and low wiring overhead, ASTRRA provides the end-user with unprecedented flexibility, speed, repeatability and accuracy in all changeover adjustments.

Based on industry standard wireless communications protocols, ASTRRA is a distributed control system which eliminates cumbersome and expensive point-to-point control wiring to a central PLC. Instead, only one inexpensive 24VDC bus is required along the length of the conveyor.

Once installed and aligned, setting up the conveyor for a new package requires nothing more than entering the package width or diameter in the system and rails will move to the new position. Dimensions may be entered in increments of 0.1mm (0.004").

ASTRRA Licensed Integrators

Members of:

ASTRRA licensed integrators have been thoroughly trained in the use of ASTRRA technology and all have significant experience in the design and implementation of ASTRRA in existing and new packaging applications.


ASTRRA is a product of A. S. Thomas, Inc.
The ASTRRA conveyor changeover process and products are patented and patent pending.